About me

My journey that led to these products

growing up I was always a small and skinny kid. I am assuming if you are reading this you are most likely in the same boat. realizing that being small was not just something I wish I could change , It was something I could change over time. When I decided to take my first steps,  I decided to try and do every method possible that could be done to gain any type of mass. In this blog I showed the best products to buy when starting on this long journey. I have gone through all of the trial and errors so you would not have to.

I was a very small person. weighing at 95 pounds and above 6 feet tall , and with the mindset of someone with no potential of gaining weight. Just hearing that out loud gives you the thought to just give up. I started to do some research with mass gainers, and I experimented with many companies/ brands. GNC bulk and Muscletech were the best tasting and most effective for me so I have been running with those since. With the mass that I put on with my mass gainer I had to find another supplement to help me out maintain this physique. That's when I found test boosters. With the benefit of diet and these products I am around 220 pounds with some healthy fat, but mostly muscle.

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